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Escuela XIV

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

The Division of Gravitation and Mathematical Physics (DGFM) of the Mexican Physical Society (SMF) is glad to announce the celebration of its XIV Mexican School. As in previous events, our main goal is to provide an inviting arena for the exchanging and discussion of ideas on top developments in gravitational physics in a pedagogical manner. Apart from researchers, an important number of postdocs and graduate students take part in our School, which in this occasion will be focused on Modern Topics in Gravitation and Related Matters. The scientific program will include four courses, plenary talks, and sessions of parallel talks. Further details will appear in forthcoming announcements.

On this occasion, at the conclusion of the School, the VIII Scalar Field Dark Matter Workshop will take place.   

The venue of the School and the Workshop will be the Hotel Iberostar Quetzal located in Playa del Carmen, Rivera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico, an inspiring place offering cultural features and natural beauty at the Caribbean coast, in a region where a number of Maya cities once flourished. 


  • Bianca Dittrich (Perimeter Institute), Quantum gravity and quantum space-time.
  • Andrés Luna (U of Copenhague), Amplitudes, double copy and gravitational waves. 
  • Jens Niemeyer, (U of Göttingen), Cosmological signatures of axion-like particle dark matter.
  • Marek Szczepanczyk, (Florida U), Hunting for the discoveries with gravitational waves.


  • Ana Laura García (UAM Cuajimalpa), Relativistic gases: transport properties in flat and curved space-times.
  • Alma X. González Morales (U of Guanajuato), An overview of DESI Lyman alpha forest data and science.
  • Carlos Herdeiro (U of Aveiro), On the fate of the light ring stability.
  • Michele Zanolin (Daytona College), Multi-Messenger astronomy for core collapse supernovae.
  • Héctor Olivares (U of Aveiro), Simulating the multi-scale environment of supermassive black holes.
  • Tonatiuh Matos (CINVESTAV), On the physics of the Gravitational Wave Background.

PLENARY TALKS (VIII Scalar Field Dark Matter Workshop)

  • Luis. A. Ureña López (U of Guanajuato), Update 2023 on Scalar Field Dark Matter.
  • Pierre-Henri Chavanis (U of Toulouse), A heuristic wave equation parameterizing BEC dark matter halos with a quantum core and an isothermal atmosphere
  • Paul Shapiro (U of Texas), Topics in SFDM Cosmology and Structure Formation.
  • Juan Carlos Degollado (UNAM), Dynamical scalarization in compact objects.
  • Verónica Lora (UNAM), The importance of baryons in cosmological simulations.
  • Francisco S. Guzmán (UMSNH), Small Steps: Insights into Fuzzy Dark Matter Dynamics with the CAFE Code
  • Jens Niemeyer, (U of Göttingen), Gravitational structure formation with nonrelativistic scalar fields.
  • Ana A. Avilez, (BUAP), Studing the dynamics of Fuzzy Dark Matter in agrupaciones of galaxies.
  • Carlos Herdeiro (U of Aveiro), Landscape (and surprises) of compact objects with bosonic fields in GR.   


Activities will take place at "Yucatán" Room, next to the Tucan's front desk.

  • Registration. Monday 25 from 8:30 




Find the titles and abstracts in the .pdf file at the bottom of the page. 


Find your Participation Letter here


To register fill out the registration form. An effort will be made to reasonably accommodate as many parallel talks as possible. Only in the event that the parallel session slots are full, we shall include a poster session. Deadline for title + abstract submission: August 25. We will respond quickly to all talk requests.


  • Faculty and Postdocs (MX$ 3,500)
  • Students and current members of the Mexican Physical Society (MX$ 2,500)

The registration fee includes coffee breaks.

Bank details of the Mexican Physical Society:

For domestic participants:
Banco Nacional de México (Banamex)
Account number (Mexican pesos): 1866151 Sucursal 349
CLABE: 002180034918661519
Beneficiary: Sociedad Mexicana de Física A.C.
Reference: SDGFM23

For international participants:
Bank: Banco Nacional de México (Banamex)
Account number (US dollars): 9345347 Sucursal 349
Swift code: BNMXMXMM
Bank code: 002180034993453470
Beneficiary: Sociedad Mexicana de Física A.C. 
Reference: SDGFM23

To complete the registration, you must send the deposit slip to:

  • If you need deductible invoice (FACTURA) please fill out this form and send attached the slip
  • In any other case send a copy of the deposit slip to Marco A. Maceda,

If you need any help with your invoice please contact Marco A. Maceda,

ACCOMMODATION (MX$ Mexican Pesos)/ All-inclusive hotel rate per night 

  • MX$3,880 per night Single Occupancy.   
  • MX$4,440 per night in Double Occupancy. 
  • MX$6,120 per night in Triple Occupancy. 

The hotel, Iberostar Quetzal,  is an "all-inclusive" resort, so room prices include accommodation plus 3 buffet-style meals, domestic drinks and snacks (the above rates do not include transportation to and from the airport).  

  • Local fee, "saneamiento ambiental" is not included in the rates above and must be paid at the hotel. MX$31.12 per room per night.
  • The hotel charges a daily entrance fee for people not hosting in Iberostar due to its all-inclusive system.
  • If you wish to stay longer, the same rates apply (subject on room availability) from September 21 to October 2.
  • To ensure availability of special prize and room, reservation and payment before August 25 is advised since only a fixed number of them have been booked. They will be provided on a first arrived first served basis.


  • For reservations and payment directly to the hotel, please fill out this form.
  • For reservations and payment through the DGFM, there will be a %16 surcharge if you need deductible invoice (FACTURA), Send the reservation details to
  • To share a room with a specific person, payments should be synchronized as much as possible, arrival and leaving dates must coincide, please send the reservation details to Argelia Bernal,,


The best way to get to Playa del Carmen is by airplane to the Cancun International Airport. From there you can take a shuttle or a taxi to go directly to Hotel Iberostar situated on Playacar, Playa del Carmen, or take a bus to Playa del Carmen and from there a taxi to the hotel, (approx. 60 min). The hotel Iberostar is 15 min away from Xel-Há, half an hour from Xcaret, 45 mins from Tulum, among others. Rivera Maya has a lot of touristic places like Maya ruins, beaches, adventure centers, etc., for more information, you can visit:


The organizers are committed to making this meeting productive and enjoyable for everyone involved, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, nationality, physical appearance, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Participants are encouraged to behave professionally and be respectful.

All communication should be appropriate for a professional audience. Racist, sexual or sexist language and/or imagery is not appropriate.

Violations to this code of conduct should be immediately reported to the event organizers. Sanctions may range from verbal warnings to the expulsion of the event without refund and notification to the compelling authorities. Moreover, previous offenses to the DGFM or its community may be considered as elements to deny participation in the event. 

Any participant who wishes to report a violation of this policy is asked to speak, in confidence, to:

Argelia Bernal, Román Linares, Marco A. Maceda


  • Román Linares(UAMI)
  • Argelia Bernal (UG)
  • Marco A. Maceda (UAMI)
  • Tonatiuh Matos (CINVESTAV)
  • Hugo Morales (UAMI)
  • Claudia Moreno (U Guadalajara)
  • Luis Ureña López (UG)